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  1. ENZA

    Long Kaa print tulle pareo


    Long Aquarella print voile pareo

  3. DEVA

    Long red cotton pareo

  4. DEVA

    Long navy cotton pareo

  5. DEVA

    Long ecru cotton pareo

  6. KALIS

    Long kiwi multiposition pareo


    Short white pleated voile pareo

  8. UZO

    Long white perforated knit pareo


    Short black pleated voile pareo

Check out the Pain de Sucrepareo.

Creator of innovative swimsuits, starting with skintight fabrics and inspired by designs from the world of lingerie, Pain de Sucre follows in the vein of the new designers of seaside fashion. It’s only natural that their collection of beachwears expanded to create a stylish summer look. Inspired by faraway lands, where lush scenery touches the sea and sand, the collect of Pain de Sucre pareo flirts in between the style, daring, charm, and relaxation. A subtle blend of urban chic and summery fashions.

Choose your pareo from an assortment of bright summery colors and low key tones to create a look totally fashionable. Pain de Sucre’s beachwear reflects a timeless beach style, a beautiful expression of the refinement of our designers.

Sometimes very subdued, the Pain de Sucre pareo for women play with simplistic elegance and efficiency. Often more sophisticated, the beachwear, for their part, flirt with the imprints and tropical motifs that express the particular exoticism rooted in the DNA of the brand. For an ultra-chic look, pair your Pain de Sucre beach pareo up with a Pain de Sucre swimsuit for monotone effect, or a color contrast that makes you stand out.

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