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    Loose Coco print beach tunic, belt


    Long ecru beach tunic

  3. PIA

    Green lace poncho tunic


    Loose Seaflower print perforated knit beach shorts

  5. YMALI

    Aquarella print versatile waist beach trousers


    Long Aquarella print voile pareo

  7. DEVA

    Long red cotton pareo

  8. BYRON

    White long-sleeved cardigan, perforated knit

  9. ENZA

    Long Kaa print tulle pareo

  10. CURTIS

    Black fishnet beach tunic

  11. STAN

    Black fishnet beach shorts

  12. LOKI

    Long ecru embroidered beach dress

  13. NAVYA

    Batik print cotton beach shorts

  14. REVA

    Long Gingham print sheath dress

  15. YMALI

    Seaflower print versatile waist beach trousers

  16. GOYA

    Black fishnet beach trousers

  17. MARLOW

    Loose Gingham print beach shorts

  18. UZO

    Long white perforated knit pareo

  19. ELISE

    Purple lace poncho tunic

  20. YMALI

    Black versatile waist beach trousers

  21. BROOKE

    Seaflower print perforated knit tank top

  22. NESSA

    Seaflower print perforated knit beach tunic

  23. ANGUS

    Seaflower print perforated knit strapless tankini top

  24. KALIS

    Long kiwi multiposition pareo

  25. AILEEN

    Long Kaa print tulle beach dress

  26. YUKO

    Mango crochet beach tunic

  27. YMALI

    Kaa print versatile waist beach trousers


    Short white pleated voile pareo

  29. SALTO

    Aquarella print beach dress, belt


    Loose Aquarella print beach dress

  31. JYOTI

    Batik print cotton beach dress

  32. ADELE

    Loose black beach dress, belt

  33. NESSA

    Yellow straight beach dress


    Short Eden print multiposition pleated pareo

  35. IZABEL

    Eden print multiposition skirt

  36. HESTIA

    Ecru guipure beach tunic

  37. JUNA

    Ziggy print strapless beach dress

  38. PENNY

    White embroidered strapless beachwear


    White crochet beach dress

  40. RISHKA

    Pondichery print multiposition beachwear

  41. FIONA

    Pondichery print loose voile beach dress, belt

  42. SAFFA

    Navy multiposition harem beach trousers

  43. YMALI

    Eden print versatile waist beach trousers

  44. KALIS

    Long lagoon blue multiposition pareo

  45. KALIS

    Long Ziggy print multiposition pareo

  46. YMALI

    Khaki green versatile waist beach trousers

  47. MARGOT

    Long black crochet beach dress


    Black beach dress

  49. ELVIA

    Black bandeau beach dress, wavy cut out

  50. TAHINA

    Pondichery print bandeau beach dress

  51. NESSA

    Navy straight beach dress

  52. EMIE

    Pondichery print multiposition poncho beach dress

  53. ADELE

    Loose red beach dress, belt

  54. MARLOW

    Loose white embroidered beach shorts


  1. SERRA

    Wide black supple belt

  2. GAO

    Ethnic print cotton beach bag

A beachwear Pain de Sucre,
a glamorous summer!

Discover the latest trends in beachwear for women: chic or more casual tunics, stylish and colorful shorts, or sarongs to wear around your swimsuit for a more elegant look.

Pain de Sucre, designer of swimwear, reinterprets the beauty of islands through its ultra-glamorous and feminine collections. Going beyond the limits and step outside classics cuts, a desire assumed by Pain de Sucre. It is naturally that the company expands its expertise in beachwear by applying the same codes.
The only rule to follow: enhance elegantly the women! Pain de Sucre Beachwear collection is as trendy as comfortable. Pain de Sucre' s idea is simple: create a beachwear collection easy to wear, which can be put on in one second and well designed, a challenge perfectly taken up!

Far from the outdated image of strong>women beachwear, Pain de Sucre revisits this essential accessory to make it more stylish and practical! Urbanize your Pain de Sucre tunic dress beachwear by choosing colorful pieces, printed or convertible such as sarongs that can turn into a skirt or a dress by just using a few refined interlacing. Find all Pain de Sucre beachwear outfits, and awake your glamorous side: a touch of elegance and a touch of novelty for a look totally mastered !

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