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  1. MACHA

    Black bra

  2. EVE

    Black bra

  3. AONA

    Black bra

  4. DEAN

    Biscuit bra

  5. NEAL

    Biscuit bra

Suggest lingerie bottoms

See suggest bras
  1. ADAM

    Black thong

  2. ABRIL

    Black bottoms

  3. NORIA

    Black boyshorts

  4. ELLA

    Black bottoms

  5. STILI

    Purple boyshorts

  6. NAE

    Ecru boyshorts

Bodies & Slip dress


    Purple bodysuit


    White bodysuit

  3. RUTH

    Black bodysuit

Women lingerie by Pain de Sucre: Enjoy all the latest trends!

Does lingerie has a dominant place in your wardrobe? Discover all the designs of lace bras, thongs, shortys, panties, and tights made by Pain de Sucre. A very feminine collection of lingerie bottoms and tops that unequivocally express the chic sophistication of the brand.

Pain de Sucre gives the greatest of attention to each of its creations: designs, colors, and fabrics… nothing is too demanding when emphasizing a woman.

Choose the Pain de Sucre bottom and you like and wear it with the matching bra, or combine it with a camisole in lace as a night outfit.
The lingerie bottom by Pain de Sucre is definitely glamorous! Experiment the silky touch of the fabrics and enjoy the comfort of a unique lingerie.

Discover the women lingerie collection by Pain de Sucre: some inspired pieces, elegant and well designed! With its lace bandeau bras, lace push-up bras, panties and shorties, Pain de Sucre offers sexy lingerie created from the finest materials and clearly attaches a great importance to finishing touches.

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