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  1. DENIA

    Black dress

  2. JULIE

    Ecru tunic

  3. LAMY

    Black dress

  4. NELY

    Black dress

  5. KIM

    Black dress


    Black dress

Discover Pain de Sucre lingerie dresses and tunics

Pain de Sucre famous for its high end swimsuits, is also developing an ultra-glamorous line of ready-to-wear.

The concept is innovating: mixing the classic fashion codes with the lingerie know-how.
This spirit of sophistication and creativity clearly defines Pain de Sucre’s “Bodywear collection”: a glamourous lingerie dress which play with the fabrics' transparency, the combination of the lingerie with an openwork tunic or some interlaced design which reveal forms as well as they conceal

Play the game of "hide and seek" by wearing the Pain de Sucre lingerie dresses and have fun creating your own style!
Wear a lace tunic under a long sleeve sweater, choose a legging to wear with a sensual lingerie dress and mix the colors you wish.

Enjoy the latest lingerie dresses and tunics by Pain de Sucre and discover all the collection, a new style reinventing which expresses the French elegance.

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